Programme for Expansion into Australia


Feasibility in Australia

The Think Feasibility, Think DONE Programme for Expansion into Australia

Is it feasible? Can it be done?
Opening up into new territories can be daunting, challenging and exciting. Think DONE Management Consultancy can work with you, sharing their knowledge and expertise on the franchising industry in Australia.

Research and due diligence are what sensible business owners will be seeking. An opinion from on the ground is what Think DONE Mangement Consultancy can provide you. An opinion that is based on local knowledge of local situations, cultures, markets, competition… We are like second opinion. You do your research, and we back it up with our opinion. We consider 20 key points:

  1. Overall Australian market opinion
  2. Individual state markets opinion
  3. Locations and territories
  4. Demographics
  5. Rents
  6. Wages and industrial awards
  7. Competition
  8. Trading Hours
  9. Public Relations and Media liaison
  10. Marketing in a different country for the chain
  11. Marketing in a different country for franchising
  12. Alliances available with like-minded individuals / organizations
  13. Supply and availability of supply
  14. Training for Team Members
  15. Managing staff the Australian way
  16. System changes for Australian conditions
  17. Surveys
  18. Operational support for stores, particularly with distance being a consideration
  19. Culture for an Australian Team


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