Organisational Efficiency Programme



The Think DONE Organisational Efficiency Programme

This is an exceptional practical management tool which allows all team members to achieve maximum efficiency and results through an organising board tailored especially for your business. An organising board is used to actively organise and control the flows of communication, command and production.Most businesses suffer because they lack one or another of these divisions or departments. The organising board, once it is established and communicated to all team members, allows everyone to effectively channel work through the organisation. It sets out the valuable and final result desired for every area of your business and allows each team member to follow the same vision; knowing everyone’s roles, responsibilities and purpose for the business. All team members will then receive a simple, clear job description (including the directors) to strive for greater productivity and be able to clearly measure their results.

The Think DONE Organisational Efficiency Programme will set you up for the expansion you desire and will give you the ability to manage the business effectively and efficiently.


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