Monthly Coaching Programme



The Think DONE Monthly Coaching Programme

It is often hard for business owners to cope with present and future challenges in business and they tend to stay stuck – working in the business, not sitting above it as an executive. Our Think DONE Monthly Coaching Programme will allow you to access our specialised business skills in the areas of strategy, efficiency and operations. We will actively work with you to maximise your skills so you can forward your future goals and plans for the business.

All discussions / meetings will be completely confidential and we will respect your privacy at all times. We will be honest and frank. We may say some things you don’t want to hear, but need to hear. We will be your devil’s advocate and will ask you to consider the overall impact of your decisions on your business and to sometimes consider different options. However, we will never be critical or judgemental of you personally.

We will listen to you and will ask carefully crafted questions to elicit thought which allows you to draw out the answer. Be prepared to be challenged.

Most of all, we will encourage you to succeed, flourish, prosper and to stay inspired and motivated. We all succeed when we share information and knowledge. Our role will be to provide support, advice, guidance and feedback.

At the end of each monthly meeting, we will give you a simple action plan for the upcoming month. Then you can get things DONE!

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